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Flames of glory

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                               FUCK THE DEVIL
    She loves causing trouble/Her personalty splits into double/
One of love the other war/they are constantly attempting to balance out each other/
Me I am God's devil killer/a micafone thriller/Eating pussy for dinner/
So what about it/Matha Fuckers want to start shit/They need to get drunk so they fill up on
the spirit/Born for trouble/One King against the whole world/To bring all God's people home/
No fear,No worries, No pity, No doubt/Born a Baddass to take the Devil out/ Looking for a new type of hero/
Dark on the outside but feeled with God/Deep as the sewers/More wisdom then a Mason/Aliens need backup/
Before they march against me/Brown from the dirt to bring lite towards the darkness/I drink love and eat Wisdom/
Perfect in God's eyes/Although in the world a lost sinner/ No friends or family/ The best one man Army/
Listen if you have ears/See me if you have eyes/PEACEOUT

I love music,art, and movies
This web site will farther exeplify
the things I enjoy

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: The Roots
Favorite TV show: Ninja Warrior
Favorite movie: The Matrix
Favorite book: The Bible
Favorite sports team: The NY Nicks
Favorite food: Steak and Cheeze Sub

My Hobbies

I like to Draw,Flow,Dance and make web sites

Most Admired

My Father

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